Jayshree Mehta's workshop WWF was an eye-opener on strong financial planning and its benefits. I must confess, the tips and inputs provided has a telling impact on my 12 yr old son. He has already invested his small pocket money and plans to fund his big career plans by himself. I truly appreciate Jayshree Mehta's commitment to provide financial awareness, and to create a wealth portfolio to not only achieve ones financial goals but also life goals. I would recommend her services given her professionalism and deep understanding of the subject. Claynest.
Shylaja Nagaraja
Mrs Jayshree is amazing not only with her knowledge of the financial planning domain but also the way she teaches it. The examples she chooses to teach are simple and easy to comprehend. Many of us who are new to entrepreneurship and careers are aware of what work we need to do attain the revenue goals but there is a huge gap in the education on financial planning leading to ignorance. Mrs Jayshree and her team are doing a fantastic job in this area of bringing financial education in a simplified and effective way. We appreciate and recommend the services of Mrs Jayshree Mehta and her Future Ready Learning Solutions Team to anybody looking out for getting educated on financial planning. We wish her and her team great success as they make an everlasting impact on the life of common people.
Harish Kalammanagudi
IBBANI Fresh and Pure.
The Investor Awareness Programme which you conducted for our employees on 3rd October was very good. It gave us a lot of ideas for creating wealth by doing the right investments at right time. In fact we have started encouraging our staff to start investing in SIPs. I thank you on behalf of my staff for sharing the knowledge and creating the awareness on how small small investments will give us amazing returns in long run.
Anjum Mansoor
Thank you so much for successfully conducting the Investor Awareness program on the 24th of August. I must mention that the program has been well received by the participants and do hope they will use the awareness to enhance their financial discipline Most participants thought it to be another passe’ session, but with your presentation, activities conducted and keeping them engaged completely changed the perceived notion. Thank you so much, once again.
Dean Clyde Cooper
Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore
Thank you for coming over to our office and explaining the basics of investing and why, what for etc. the team says it was very informative made it very interesting as well and you and the from the feedback I received it seems you have made them think and ponder on investment beyond life insurances and they liked the presentation’s presentation. Thank you!
G2G Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd,
This is to mention that “Jayshree Mehta” had organized an investment awareness workshop on September 26, 2015 at the Institute. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness among the employees about the importance and ways of savings and investments. During the workshop the following points have been emphasized. Importance of goal based investing. Difference in savings and investment. Different investment objectives and investment horizons. Mutual fund as a multipurpose investment vehicle. Tax benefits for various instruments. We are thankful to Mrs Jayshree Mehta for organizing the workshop and explaining the importance and basics of investing beyond life insurances. The precipitants have been found the workshop informative and interesting
A Dhali
NIANP, Bengaluru
Dear Madam, The class was simply awesome which made me to gain some knowledge and confidence to talk one to one and even with large audience it develops all the soft skills which is required in the present world
Abhishek BBA
RNS Degree college
You have an amazing personality of a good speaker that is the connect with the audience. This connect makes me love your workshops and enjoy your company. Learnt a lot from you and will keep on learning.
Simran BCA
RNS Degree college
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